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Home takes on numerous meanings, and in This Is The Place: Women Writing About Home, a book edited by Margot Kahn and Kelly Mc Masters, thirty women writers explore an array of possibilities for…

Read more A sexist internet troll recently stated that he could beat any trained female athlete in a fight, and MMA professional Tara La Rosa accepted his challenge.

His most recent Transformers film grossed $601.1 million from a $217 million budget and flopped on Rotten Tomatoes with a rating of 16%.

He stayed true to his notoriety of being remarkably overpaid for roles as he took…

I want to find out why, but first I will have to experience some of the newest and oldest — cleanest… Unfortunately it’s also hello to diet talk overload. I basically make it my business to mute the diet industry; I don’t buy magazines that tell me I’m not good enough, I don’t follow social media accounts that constantly talk about weight loss, and I shun brands that use body shaming in their advertising. Read more Mark Wahlberg was paid $1.5 million for reshooting his scenes in All the Money in the World while co-star Michelle Williams was paid less than $1,000, reports USA Today.


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    "A woman on her team who was getting married came to work the day after her wedding hair trial with her hair still blown out instead of its usual all-business bun," says Tina. Make a point not to overburden your coworkers by shirking your responsibilities.

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    Charlotte e Dolores frequentemente argumentam intensamente enquanto Humbert encontra a si mesmo cada vez mais obcecado com Dolores e privadamente apelida ela Lolita.

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