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There is not treatment for MERS; and, the virus kills 30 percent of those who become infected. Beaubien reports that “there have only been 300 cases detected worldwide in the past two years; but, Saudi Arabia has reported 50 new cases in just the past four days.Many of these new cases occurred in health care facilities in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), according to the WHO.

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The WHO is preparing a team to travel to the Arabian peninsula, in the hopes of learning how , and from what — the virus is being transmitted.

Researchers believe the virus resides in camels; and, was originally transmitted via milk, camel meat, camel bite, etc.; but now, close contact with an infected patient can be enough.

” “MERS is similar to the SARS virus, which killed roughly 800 people in Asia in late 2003,” adds Mr. “Late in the SARS epidemic, the virus mutated in a way that allowed it to move more easily from person-to-person.