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If so, how do you deal with that feeling—is it the sort of thing you ignore, or the sort of thing you talk about with someone else to see if it’s true? Do you wrestle with identity issues because you have a strong personality?

Have you ever thought it would be best to adjust your personality in order to attract a man who might otherwise be intimidated by you?

This method is an attempt to draw principles from passages like Deut. Christian dating is a method of pursuing marriage that often involves more alone time for couples (i.e., coffee, dinner, bowling, etc.), and is most applicable when, 1) the parents of the girl involved are ungodly and/or unconcerned with their daughter’s life, 2) though still financially supported by her parents, lives out of town (e.g., she’s in college), or 3) the woman is a well-established adult who lives on her own and is no longer financially dependent upon her parents.

-21, which indicate that fathers are responsible for the sexual abstinence of their daughters prior to marriage. I added the word “Christian” on this point in order to contrast this biblically acceptable method with the godless, purely recreational, self-centered, animalistic, cohabiting, sexually promiscuous method of dating that is so prevalent in our culture. No, I am not talking about the death of chivalry/honor, brotherly love, kindness, humility, gentleness, etc. Gents, do not let a door shut in your date’s face, never honk the car horn to let her know she should come outside, and shame on you if you let her shiver in a t-shirt on a cold night while you enjoy the warmth of your jacket. So, what do I mean when I say you should avoid romanticism (at least for a while)?

When you dated your to-be-spouse, you were intentional. Inventory your recent dating history with your bride. Reread the story of Jacob’s first encounter with Rachel or David’s encounter with Abigail. What is more, set up a time early in the week for an in-home date, then swing by the Cheesecake Factory and bring home a slice of 30th Anniversary Chocolate Cake Cheesecake. The watching world sees how you provide, pursue, protect, and prize your wife. She reminded me that men know how to date their wives. That’s what we think we need, but that’s not what your wife needs from you this week. I could give you a step-by-step formula, but that just won’t cut it. He also reviews books from major Christian Publishing Companies. We are a non-profit organization that is fully-funded by individual gifts and ministry partnerships.