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At this point the incident deteriorated, she claims. He was laughing and saying ' I won’t.' I told him that he is disgusting, and after these words he let me go." It was as she was "rushing to the door" that the director "threw a bench at me. "I was already outside when he took a TV and threw it at me as well." Bocullaite says Bartas pursued her outside and as she ran in the rain toward nearby woods, he got into his car to drive after her. "Later I found out that Bartas was charged 150 litas () for small acts of hooliganism," she said, adding that she believes the director's behavior is linked to his professional style.

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Steponaityte recounts a sexual assault experience in a studio after a casting session and Boculaite claims that she was sexually harassed by Bartas in his country home.

is a gritty crime thriller set amidst the bad streets of Mexico City where we follow two parallel stories - one of two brothers down on their luck, and the other of a senator's relationship with his chronically ill daughter.

Located 300 metres from Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theatre in Vilnius, this apartment features free Wi Fi and a balcony.

The property is 700 metres from Museum of Genocide Victims and free private parking is available.

I don't disapprove of the ending as such, but there hasn't been an adequate build-up to it.