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If you're typing the word mcrypt into your code, you're probably making a mistake.

Although it's possible to provide a relatively secure cryptography library that builds on top of mcrypt (the earlier version of defuse/php-encryption did), switching your code to openssl will provide better security, performance, maintainability, and portability.

Here's what I'm trying to do: I have a table consisting of these fields (User ID, Fname, Lname, Email, Password) What I want to have is have the all fields encrypted and then be decrypted(Is it possible to use SHA is a hash, not encryption.

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You probably want mcrypt or if it is not available I would recommend phpseclib - although it's important to note that any pure-PHP implementation of anything that involves a lot of low-level mathematics will be sloooooo

That's why I like phpseclib, because it uses mcrypt first if it's available and only falls back to PHP implementations as a last resort.

They're greatly optimized to make this verification as fast as possible while still being accurate.

Given their relatively limited output space it was easy to build a database with known passwords and their respective hash outputs, the rainbow tables.

I'm currently a student and I'm studying PHP, I'm trying to make a simple encrypt/decrypt of data in PHP.