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On F4F I would take a whole different approach to the couples gig. Here is one very sly trick on F4F if you have solo accounts and couple accounts. If you have a lot of guys who you can do this with, and bring her on for a special show for them, you will be getting regular customers on your couple account all the time. Work solo and build up the interest in people wanting to see you with your partner. Build both your solo account and your couple account this way. So the limitations as to who can perform with who are basically non-existent.

For the guy, mark one of your categories as jerk buddies or bi-curious. For couples, you have to remember that customers want a connection with you. Regardless of what group you are in, you can earn money on a webcam.

These people may be closed-minded, but it's the world we live in.

You can take out 10 credit cards and have a whole bunch of "free" money in a week.

As you continue to watch those rooms, you will see the girl get bored. If you are going to make money as a couple, get off the keyboard. Customers will not want to spend time with a couple who is not focused, connected and having fun.

There is nothing more pointless then being a couple on a web cam when one of you is being sexy and the other is not even in the camera frame or paying attention.

If you are a fun, energetic couple and like to be watched, you can make a great deal of money.


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