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This discovery uncovers the extent and variety of our amazing megalithic heritage.

This episode they visit ' The Recumbents' (S1/E6) Golwg ar fywyd trigolion Brydain o dan ' Pax Romana' - heddwch y Rhufeiniaid. A look at the lives of the people of Britain under ' Pax Romana' - the Roman peace. The role of the farrier as we follow Cemaes Evans & Cathryn Gardner at work.

"So you can flog somebody, pain somebody to blood, as long as you, you know, make sure to clean it with antiseptic and cover it up, make sure that there's no infection happening. The site has a lot of innovative shower-sex aids: handles, kneepads, and shower steps. My wife insists that having her feet in the air gives her a better orgasm.

She thinks it has something to do with the blood rushing into her body. "I would disagree vehemently on this one," says Susan Kellogg-Spadt, professor of obstetrics and gynecology.

However, if a woman is forcefully and sustainedly hitting on you, she could be what psychologists call a "mate poacher" (and what pigeons call a "nest wrecker").


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    I’ve definitely damn near sliced my head open while shaving before, but they have stitches for that type of stuff now. An ex girlfriend randomly called me up once, not for chit chat or some sort of reconciliation…nope. Currently, it’s almost for a pack that includes 4 cartridges and in most stores nearly for a pack of eight. First, after using Gillette’s 5-blade technology for years, the option of 4 or 6 (no way in Sweet Jesus was I going to a 2 blade option, that’s just uncivilized) seemed unfair. Well, I figured I’d get the full monty since The Executive was only 9 bucks a month for four cartridges, which is still cheaper, but I run through cartridges like Wilt Chamberlain did America.

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    Read more In a string of tweets, author Roxane Gay called out the Midwest Writers Workshop for not giving a woman a public-faciing position because of her size.

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    It’s the best of both worlds, especially when the real girl is Marina: Photos are from deep in the members-only archives at Infernal Restraints.

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    For those you might want to place the valid/invalid markers alongside the element or format the input elements themselves using borders, background colours, etc. The "date" input AFAIK has only been implemented in Opera, but hopefully some day there will be cross-browser support for all the new types.