Dating my boyfriend

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Here are some telltale signs that your boyfriend is husband material. John Gottman says that it's not whether or not a couple has problems that determines the success of their relationship, but rather how they respond to those problems.

My husband and I hit some bumpy patches in our dating relationship for sure, but with each bump my confidence in our ability to face relationship challenges grew.

But he thinks I should just forgive and forget and move forward like nothing's happened.

Honestly, I feel like I've just been a cover for his family because he's not able to come out. I need to address a particular bug bear of mine, and that's you snooping on his emails. You didn't stumble into his email inbox while attacking the laptop with your feather duster. But that doesn't entitle you to snoop on his private communications. Now that the scolding is over, let's address what you did find on your "clean".

It was the first connection between future man and wife.


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