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Johnny is a good kid on the brink of becoming the man he wants to be…

As the baby of the family, Johnny has been spoilt rotten by his mum.

With the plan cued, Johnny returned home to break the news that he was moving out, which soon prompted Linda to admit her true feelings and finally make up with him.

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In early 2015, when Lee and Nancy and Amelia discover that Linda was raped, the family decide against telling Johnny about Dean's wrongdoing, as they wouldn't want to upset him on his travels.

Johnny is mentioned again in May, following Linda giving birth to Ollie Carter.

Linda finds it extremely difficult to come to terms with Johnny's sexuality, which leads to numerous arguments with Mick and Shirley.

Johnny eventually reveals his sexuality to Whitney, who is hurt as she feels that Johnny has been using her.

During a heated argument with Linda, Nancy let the cat out the bag and revealed that her brother was gay.