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Beta Analytic Global Operations Manager Jasmine Garside discusses in the Autumn 2017 issue of Nutraceuticals Now the challenges surrounding development, procurement and labeling of “all natural” products and how carbon-14 testing can be used to check the veracity of “natural” Vitamin B preparations.

Garlic oil is vulnerable to economically motivated adulteration and misleading or false labeling.

BETA has been the world leader in Carbon-14 analyses since 1979 and has unmatched expertise analyzing complex samples.

Since 2008, the lab has been annually awarded the ISO/IEC 17005 accreditation by Perry Johnson Laboratory Accreditation, a guarantee that it has the technical competency and management systems required to consistently deliver technically valid results.

Learn More In 2013, Vision Critical's BERA platform was presented with the Innovation Award Certificate in recognition of it's impact toward innovative new methods based on inventiveness, analytics, and/or harnessing technology.