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I have babysat for the past 4 years for family as well as friends of family, for kids of all ages. I have babysat for families with multiple children in the past.I have taken child care and first aid classes and have done volunteer work in the child groups at many vacation schools and plan on renewing my childcare license in April. At the moment I occasionally babysit my 1-year-old niece and 8-year-old sister but am looking for another after school or weekend babysitting job. My name is Shannon and I am a loving, caring Nanny.

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I have also pet sat dogs, cats and caged animals such as birds, reptiles, hamsters, etc. I've changed diapers/clothes, fed them a bottle/baby food, played with, sang to, rocked to sleep, I've pretty much done everything. I just finished with a wonderful family in Wyoming on Monday-Thursday, unfortunately they returned to France so I am available most times now including some days, nights and weekends.

I can do Date Nights, some overnights and even on short notice as well!

I encourage reading and I am an avid reader myself.

I have a book collection that the kids can read whenever they want. I have babysat/nannied children since I was 12 years old.

I have 5 younger brothers, as well as plenty of references of families I have watched for outside of my family.